Podium Insights - Situational Judgement Tests

Podium is proud to announce the launch of our Insights series of Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) which assess knowledge and behavioural tendencies suited to different roles.

The first two assessments in the series are Leadership Insights and Contact Centre Insights.

How Insights works

Insights is an engaging way of presenting test takers with real-world job situations using animated vignettes. Participants are immersed in the assessment and presented with a range of scenarios about leadership skills. Each vignette is followed by a series of items which represent ways in which participants could respond to the situation. Test takers must rate the effectiveness of each response, the results of which are interpreted by comparing their answers to those of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Leadership Insights

Leadership Insights consists of workplace scenarios associated with leadership roles and can be administered within 45 minutes. It measures task and people requirements of leadership roles at a high-level as well as the underlying facets associated with thinking, achieving, empowering and directing as outlined in the table below:

Acquiring Info
Gathering a rich variety of information from many different sources about events. This includes seeing issues from many different perspectives to compare options prior to taking action.
Generating Ideas
Linking information to form new ideas that explain the underlying sequences and causes of events This includes both creative and analytical thinking that leads to future productivity.
Designing implementation plans and outlining actions and responsibilities. Plans are produced in anticipation of needs rather than as a reaction to situational demands.
Continuous Improvement
Setting goals and targets and monitoring progress to improve performance. Targets are focused on adding value for the customer and improving organisational outcomes.
Emotional Awareness
Recognises own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Can regulate their own emotions and can influence the emotions of others in a positive way as required. Makes people feel valued and respected.
Encourages teamwork and cooperation, goal alignment, flexibility and a willingness act across functional boundaries. Provides staff with the resources, training and feedback to develop their capability, applies the same processes to self-development.
Making your stance on issues clear and securing the support of those around you. Uses persuasive arguments and the goals and interests of others to build support for ideas.
Comportment and poise that contributes to follower alignment. Makes effective and concise presentations and establishing effective communication processes.

Contact Centre Insights

Contact Centre Insights consists of workplace scenarios associated with contact centre roles and can be administered within 25 minutes. The assessment reports on how participants are likely to interact with team members, maintain high performance, follow policy, react to challenging customers, and respond to sales calls.

Adapting Insights for you

SJTs work best when they are catered to your organisation specific needs. Podium has extensive experience developing SJTs using modern multimedia technologies for deployment in any language required and on any platform.

We can adapt our Insights assessments to clients’ specific scoring requirements. In addition to this, we also work with clients to create custom SJTs that are built around their organisations, environments, and unique ways of working.

Well-designed SJTs can:
  • provide an outstanding and engaging candidate experience
  • yield accurate predictions of job performance
  • add incremental validity above and beyond what is measured in traditional personality and ability assessment,
  • replace other more expensive forms of assessment such as assessment centres
  • reduce gender and racial bias.
To know more about how you can access and use Insights assessments please get in touch with us on LinkedIn, through your Podium Partner, or by visiting www.podium365.com

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