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HBO Documentary 'Persona'​: A Response

Having worked in Occupational Psychology for over twenty years, mainly in the area of psychometrics, I was interested to hear about a new documentary from HBO Max. The title of this documentary is “Persona” and it’s receiving a lot of media attention. the graphic below is a shot of a link from a UK national newspaper website. I was immediately concerned by the subtitles and tag lines advertising Persona, for example, “The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests” and “Personality tests are by and large constructed to be ableist, to be racist, to be sexist, and to be classist”. Having now watched this documentary, I feel numerous concerns which have prompted me to write this article. Below, I copy a link to a response document from SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). If you are concerned about the impact of ‘Persona’ and wish to have an independent informed response, you may find this useful. They too, express concerns at how this documentary “makes a number of asse

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