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Psychometrics: What our professional partners are seeing in practice

What a difference a year makes. The Coronavirus Pandemic has transformed the way we work, leading many industry experts to predict that among the major HR trends for 2021, we’ll see a need for expanded skillsets, data-based recruitment methods, more flexible working practices and an emphasis on wellbeing and resilience. Add to that movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too , and increasing calls for more diversity and inclusion across the globe and we’re likely to see a greater emphasis than ever before on objective decision-making in recruitment and on reducing the effects of subconscious bias. Tanya Hudson and Susan Kealy are organisational psychologists with Kinch Lyons , a trusted distributer of the Podium assessment suite and online psychometric testing accreditation programme .  They caught up for a chat to discuss the powerful role that psychometrics can play in these trends.  The key take-aways from their discussion are highlighted below.   Virtual Recruitment and On-boa

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