Pulse - Well-Being and Engagement

Pulse: Well-Being and Engagement for Remote Working

Corporations and SMEs have long facilitated homeworking and shaped their organisational culture around it, helping colleagues to be the best they can while allowing them the freedom to work according to their own schedule. 
Remote working is not a new concept, many progressive organisations already support it.
At Podium, we champion remote working, and as an international team it has been an essential part of our practice from day one. As excited as we are to share the benefits of homeworking with others, the circumstances we find ourselves in with Covid-19 make this more challenging than usual. The pandemic has transplanted many employees from the office to the home for the first time, without the usual transitionaplanning, and this unanticipated change brings a whole new set of challenges for both employers and employees.
We still need regular human contact to collaborate with others and work on ideas.
Even with a wealth of virtual meeting and connectivity software available, our research into previous studies on the topic of homeworking suggest that it can greatly impact job satisfaction and engagement. Our research also tells us many employee engagement and satisfaction surveys can be perceived as invasive, and not as a genuine concern for the employee. At Podium, we wanted to develop a survey where supporting employee buy-in was a major consideration, essentially asking“What can we do for you, your well-being, your engagement, and your work when working remotely"?

With this in mind, we developed a clear and objective understanding of the issues; reviewing the available research about the impact of remote working on individuals, teams and organisations, and using that information to create a survey that defines the issues staff face while working from home.  

Podium Pulse- A Free resource for Organisations

Our team of workplace psychologists has designed a survey focusing on employee satisfaction and engagement, and on aspects of remote work where organisations can have a direct impact on the well-being of employees. We also want to support teams and organisations at large to navigate and manage this unexpected challenge, so we're giving it away for free.

The survey seeks to cover the following topics. 

  • Well-being: What is the general well-being, life satisfaction and quality of life of your employees during this forced change?
  • Work-life Balance: Are your employees able to switch off after work and maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  • Focus: Are your employees able to ignore distractions in the environment and focus on work in their new environment?
  • Work Achievement: Do your employees feel engaged in their work and motivated to do their best given their new situation?
  • Communication: What are your employees’ perceptions of organisational and leadership communication during this period?
  • Connectedness: How connected do your employees feel to their colleagues and the organisation when at a distance?
  • Support: What are your employees’ perceptions of support (both emotional and material) and recognition of their work undertaken remotely?
  • Security: Do your employees feel stable and secure and have trust in the organisation's ability to deal with these unexpected challenges?

    Layout and Design:

    Pulse provides anonymous group reporting in the form of scale and item (question) responses as well as dashboard-style breakdowns for each scale with participant comments.

    Sample dashboard:

    Clients can use this feedback to manage any issues revealed.  This can include refining internal communication strategies, providing opportunities for remote social interaction or establishing more regular check-ins, among other possible interventions depending on survey results.  

    A Survey for a new way of working.

    We anticipate that given this forced transition in the emerging 'new normal,' more organisations can realise the benefits of remote working, and that something positive can come from the challenges faced today.  We hope the Pulse Survey can help you and your organisation manage the change to achieve the greatest employee and organisational benefit. 

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