Introduction to Podium

Welcome to the future of Workplace Assessments

Podium is setting new standards in test quality and transparency, providing accurate, defensible, and easy to understand insights about your existing staff and potential candidates.

Podium is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Skill
  • Personality
  • Ability
  • Specialist testing
  • Video interviews
  • 360 surveys
  • Customised questionnaires
  • "The latest neuroscientific research and advances in machine learning to predict job performance with unprecedented accuracy"
Sitting behind Podium is a diverse team of international academics, IT experts, work psychologists, and designers. With our diversity comes the know-how to custom build assessment experiences that are not only engaging but are supported by secure industry-leading cloud technology.

With Podium test administration is simple, fast and easy.

We know assessment testing can be a stressful experience. We minimise this stress by giving candidates the choice to:
  • Opt-in and out of assessments
  • the order to complete each assessment
  • Select one or more delivery options
Your brand is important, so let's talk about how we can immerse each candidate in your culture and imagery from the minute they open a test invitation. With short, interactive assessments, we keep your candidates optimally engaged throughout the test experience. We recognise that the assessment market is evolving, and now more than ever you want assessments that are:

  • Short, as well as robust
  • Fun, without disadvantaging minority groups
  • Easy to administer as well as secure
  • and support the entire employee life cycle

We have listened and are delighted to share Podium with you. If you want to know more, feel free to visit

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